Sticking To A Budget

Making a Budget that you stick to

There is always a lot of excitement and expense that is associated with a new home purchase. It is often times this excitement that leads a couple or even a single person to make some amateur mistakes. These mistakes generally by themselves are not that big of a deal, but when they begin to couple together, then that is when an issue may form.

First look at the amount of money that you need to put into repairs and termite treatment phoenix job. When you take the tour of the house, you should be able to get a good idea of the things listed above that you will and won’t have to repair. Once you have a ballpark on these costs, then you can begin the next stage of your budget planning.

budget planning

Look at the amount of landscaping that needs to be done. Are you going to keep the landscaping as is or do you want to add your own touch to it? This will be an important question that you need to make sure to answer as to avoid any conflict with your dreams and your budget not in agreement.

Making sure that you spray for bugs will be another item you need to put money aside for. Even if the house has recently been sprayed, you will want to make it a point that you spray since you don’t know what the current bug situation will be. Keep in mind that the bigger the house, the more complex and expensive that this will be. I suggest that you set aside more than you will need just in case unexpected expenses come along.

Now comes the fun part of the budget planning, the extras that you will want to have with your new home. If you are like a lot of people, you dream of sitting poolside having a party with your closest friends, family and neighbors. If the house has a pool installed, you have already shaved a good amount of money. If not, then you will have to put forth a sizable amount of money. To install and maintain the pool on a yearly basis. This is the part of the plan that many people overlook or don’t think about at all.

Weatherize Your Home

While you lounge by the pool in the middle of summer, you also need to make sure that you are thinking about ways that you can protect your home during the winter. As well as summer. While it is nice to think that summer will last forever, the truth of the matter is that winter will come and you need to make sure that your home is ready, especially if you live in areas that are prone to get cold in the winter.

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Seal any cracks that you have around the windows and doors of your home. This is one of the biggest areas that wind and cold air enter the home. This is also what leads to your power bill being a lot more expensive than it should be. Again make sure that you have the proper amount of insulation that you need to keep your house comfortable regardless of how low the temperature will tend to go.

If you have rain barrels, make sure that you remember to drain these. This is a real quick way to find your barrels split and you having a large headache. It is a nasty job and no one likes to do it, but be sure that you clean out the rain gutters of your home. This will help to make sure that the rain that falls is allowed to drain properly. Another thing that you should remember is that of trimming your trees. The last thing that you want is for a ice storm to come through and a tree to fall on your piece of heaven.

Make sure that you get the snowblower tunes up and that you have a snow shovel if you live in areas that gets a lot of snow. Look at all your outdoor faucets and make sure that you cover these and keep them protected as well. The last piece of advice is that if you have a chimney, then make sure that you clean it. This is the biggest area of danger for homes in the winter time. This is a fire hazard in the making as the deposits build up as well as nesting animals tend to form the perfect storm and lead to a fire happening in an instant.