New Home Electrical Tips

One of the biggest areas that a new home owner overlooks is the area of electrical. This is not only a costly thing, it can be a fire hazard in the making. Often when a person buys a home, they assume that the electrical outlets work perfectly fine and without any serious issues. It is not until you go to plug in an appliance and it does not work that you discover the issue at hand.

home electrical system

First lets start by walking into each room and looking at the light fixtures. Make sure you look and ensure there are no pieces missing or wires exposed. If all seems to be okay, then make sure that you turn on the light and see that it works the way that it is supposed to. Make a note if there are any sounds or issues with the light, if there is, then be sure to turn the light off and get the issue fixed immediately.

Plug in a radio into all outlets and make sure that they work. It is also a good idea that you look at the outlets and make sure there is no visible signs of wear and tear that can lead to a serious issue. Immediately make sure that you repair any issues that you come across and don’t let them linger as this will lead to a very expensive and dangerous issue down the road.

Check the breaker box and make sure that all the breakers are in decent shape. This is another area where a lot of issues tend to come up that can lead to a fire. An ounce of prevention with the breaker box will lead to you not having electrical issues.

Make sure the plumbing works

plumbing systemPlumbing issues are another area that can lead to some seriously expensive repairs. You wont see them until it too late, but they can quickly sneak up on you and catch you when you least expect it. When you buy the new home if you have not before, look at the pipes and the fixtures. Note the condition of these and see if there are any signs of leaks or wear.

Then take and let each faucet run for about five minutes, this will allow any areas that are leaking to be exposed. If after five minutes, you don’t see any issues, then you should be okay and should not have anything to worry about. Also think about what changes you may want to make, maybe you want a hands free faucet in the kitchen, then look at your money and see if that is in the budget. In the next section we will talk about setting aside a budget and keeping yourself in that budget.