homeownerNew homeowners are all alike, they walk into their new home, take a good look around and then wonder what they have managed to get themselves into. Now normally this would be the time for panic, but often if you are a little wise and know what you are doing, you can get through this without any serious issues, including pest control mesa az issues. The following tips and tricks will be extremely useful in helping you to soften the shock of being a new homeowner.

First make sure that you take assessment of the amount and condition of the insulation in your home. This is especially important in your attic. The attic is the single most area where your energy costs will go through the roof. If there is not a good thick layer of insulation, you will want to think about installing more. Also if the insulation that is there is in bad shape, have it replaced as this will also allow most of your heat to escape and raise your energy bill.

Next check the temperature of your hot water heater. Make sure that it is around 120 degrees. This is important as the higher that it is, then the more energy that will be spent in trying to heat the water. Besides unless you are looking to boil lobsters in your bath tub, you don’t need water any hotter than this as you can run the risk of scalding you or a member of your family.

home maintenanceIf you have an older water heater, then you will want to make sure that you place a hot water blanket over your tank. The reason that this is so important is due to the fact that many older tanks are not as well insulated as the newer ones are. This in turn can often times lead to heat escaping from your tank out into your basement or utility closet. This will over time help you to lower your overall energy costs.

Having a ceiling fan in every room may sound like something that won’t help to reduce costs, but in the long run it will actually help quite a bit. Make sure that you take full advantage of the switch on the side of the fan and have it in the correct mode for each of the seasons as in winter it need to push warm air down and pull warm air up in the summer. You will be amazed at the difference this makes and will see a difference on your light bill.