Using GPS on your get aways.

April 20th, 2013

Boating is certainly a big part of the Limerick experience and now you can use hi-tech gadgets such as GPS fleet tracking to see your way around. Not to mention, friends and family can join in on the exictement from the internet and track your boat as you use it.


ATM scimming machine in DooradoyleI

September 20th, 2012

If you used the Bank of Ireland machine in Dooradoyle on Sunday, It would be advisable to check you balance as you may have been the victim of a skimming machine.

Two men were reported to have removed a skimming machine from the ATM at the bank branch after numerous customers had difficulty retrieving their cards after carrying out transactions on the machine.


Army retreat to allow Model School expansion

August 22th, 2012

Our fighting men and women billeted at Sarsfield Barracks are in retreat, by order of the Minister for Defence, Willie O’Dea, the Army is to give up a portion of it’s land to make way for the expansion of the Model Gaelscoil on O’Connell Avenue.

The plot of land, which is one third of an acre in area, will allow the school to develop new facilities including a large multi-purpose room, computer and language lab, and astroturf playing pitch.

The Model School, which first opened in 1855, making it the oldest irish language school in the country, is now launching an appeal to parents and pupils, both past and present to raise funds to make the expansion possible.

The school needs to raise one million euro to fund their part of the cost of the expansion. The Department of Education will be paying two million.

Full details on what the school plans to do can be found on the information leaflet on their website.

Tesco to be first Coonagh Cross opening

July 19th, 2011

Tesco Ireland is set to be the first of the stores to open at the new Coonagh Cross Shopping Centre to be opened. The supermarket chain will open its doors in October 2011 with the remaining 24 stores in phase one of the development coming on board in March of 2008

Phase one of the shopping centre will require 500 permenent staff, and an additional 500 will be employed when phase two is completed.

At present, the construction of the Tesco outlet is being “fasttracked” by developers Sisk, who are responsible for the project.


Woman (25) dies in weekend crash

June 12th, 2011

A young mother from Moyross was killed over the weekend when she was in a single car accident in County Cork over the weekend, it is reported in Monday’s Limerick Leader newspaper.

Kathleen “Ka” Barret from Cliona Park was travelling on the Cork to mallow road in her 06 Ford Fiesta at approximately 0325 hrs when the crash happened at Lissavaura, Rathduff.

A 20 year old male passenger was taken to Cork University Hospital for treatment of his injuries, but was discharged later on Sunday. He is reported by the paper to be from the Garryowen area of Limerick City.

The two were returning from a days shopping in Cork, according to the paper.

Ms. Barret leaves behind a six-year old daughter.

Impact Theatre to close

April 1th, 2012

The Impact Theatre Company is to close its theatre on O’Connell Avenue to concentrate on the production of plays rather than the running of a theatre.

In a statement released by the company, Patrick Bourke, artistic director said that running the theatre was taking up too much of the company’s resources.

“The majority of our company members are practitioners whose work in theatre making has made them increasingly busy in the past 18 months. Simultaneously a larger proportion of time at Impact was being spent administering the venue. As we have had such a successful season we need a bigger space to house our audiences and at this moment in time we have not secured the funding to move to alternative premises or to employ a full time administration. Continuing to run our small venue as well as produce theatre is not economically viable in our current circumstances.”

But the company is not disappearing, while the theatre will sease to be, the Impact company will still produce plays, which will be performed in different venues.

According to the company, their next production will be later in the year.

houses evacuated in Castleconnell

May 16th, 2012

Up to 15 houses were evacuated last night in Castleconnell for a time as a result of a car hitting a gas main. The incident happened near Charcos pub in Castleconnell in the early hours of the morning and houses nearby had to be evacuated for a time as the people from Bord Gais and the fire brigade did their stuff and helped fix the pipe. How a gas main could be located in a postition that it could be damaged by a car is a bit suprising. Thankfully no one was injured and nothing blew up!

You’re A Star - Week 6 - Maeve O’Donovan

February 18th, 2011

Maeve O’Donovan is still there at the Helix in the You’re A Star competition.

For the past two weeks hers was the last name to be called, so here is hoping she stays on until week 7

And the Elton John performance:

In a change to the elimination rules, the two acts with the least number of votes will have to perform again. The judges will decide which of the two will be eliminated at the end of their performances.

Maeve is through to week 7.

Andy Bennet and 21 Demands were the two acts which had to compete for the final slot in next week’s show.

It was down to Linda Martin to choose who should stay, and she decided to save 21 Demands. Andy Bennet was sent home.

Irish Blog Awards Shortlist due today

February 18th, 2011

The shortlist for the 2nd Irish Blog Awards is due to be released at 1800 hrs today, according to the awards website.

There is a whole hose of Limerick bloggers on the long list, so there will be many eyes watching from these parts to see who made it.

Good luck to everyone!

The Shortlist is out, and we are still in!

Of the Limerick bloggers who made it are Fustar, who was shortlisted in the best Arts/Culture blog, as well as best designed blog. Fustar’s World Cup blog managed to be shortlisted for best Sports and recreation blog.

Bock The Robber made it into the Best Politics blog category.

The Limerick Blogger has been shortlisted for Best News/Current events blog and Style Treaty has been shortlisted for best newcomer

MySpace Music: Burning Embers

February 18th, 2011

Sticking with the MySpace theme, another Limerick musical act on MySpace is Burning Embers.

The group currently have two albums out, the well known “Songs from the Ashes” was inspired by Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes autobiography, and their second album Sarsfield’s Children.

You can also hear some of the songs from both albums on their site.

This can be found here.

White House Poets on MySpace

February 18th, 2011

They are blogging, podcasting and youtubing, but now the White House Poets, based at the White House bar, have launched a MySpace Music page.

On the page it is now possible to listen to their Open Mic sessions from their poetry revival nights.

The Poetry revival nights have been running at the venue for the past four years and have featured both local and internationally renowned poets.

You can visit their MySpace page by clicking here.